Accelerate Collections

RankMiner's platform predicts debtor and agent behavior to deliver measurable ROI. Accelerate your collection cycle by identifying which debtors are most likely to pay and optimize operations by reducing your average credit collection period.

Insight into those most likely to pay

Today’s debt collection agencies are too competitive for generic one-size-fits-all software solutions. RankMiner analyzes the emotions and behaviors of debtors to identify who is most likely to pay during a follow-up call.

Improve agent performance

RankMiner equips your QA team with an Artificial Intelligence agent who analyzes 100% of calls. The result is a prioritized list of good, average, and poor performers allowing your QA team to target those who require additional attention.

Seamless integration

Implementing new software doesn’t have to be a massive investment of time and money.

With RankMiner you can get up and running without a large amount of upfront costs or time delays. Unlike typical implementations of speech platforms that take 6 – 9 months or more to install, RankMiner can be up and running in less than 30 days.

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Discover the results predictive voice analytics has had on agent performance.
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"29.88% increase in gross collections"


"RankMiner’s agent insight models have increased our QA productivity by over 50%."


"19% increase in cross selling"

Telenor Mobil