Agent Attrition

Call centers are renowned for having some of the highest turnover and attrition rates of any industry. Research suggests that globally, agent turnover in large call centers can be as high as 49% annually leading to increased recruitment costs, overtime pay to remaining workers, and reduced productivity as new hires acclimate.

Increase profits margins by reducing the turnover in your call center.

Reduce manual assessments

Unlike your QA/management team’s ability to review only 1-2% of your total call volume, RankMiner analyzes 100% of calls to identify those who show early indicators of dissatisfaction.

Reduce the cost of onboarding

The true cost of hiring a new employee can be as much as two to three times their annual salary. With RankMiner's predictive analytics, you'll have a clearer picture of your agents' performance including those who are struggling. By leveraging that insight, management can upskill them before losing them.

Monitoring agent emotions

RankMiner identifies the emotions and behaviors that indicate an employee's likelihood to leave so that management can intervene before it's too late. We understand that supervisors are often stretched thin with diverse responsibilities. RankMiner's platform supports them to be more efficient and better manage their teams.










Agent insights case study

Discover the results predictive voice analytics has had on agent performance.
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"29.88% increase in gross collections"


"RankMiner’s agent insight models have increased our QA productivity by over 50%."


"19% increase in cross selling"

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