Whats the Ultimate Call Center Software for Boosting Results?

Call centers in the sales, collection, and customer service industries are constantly under pressure to boost results. Whether thats closing more deals, boosting customer loyalty, increasing conversion rates or another key metric specific to your industry.

However, with each passing year, regulatory burdens can make meeting your goals more and more difficult.

Meeting your call centers goals and boosting your results takes time, effort, and access to the right tools, such as call center software. Finding the best software to support call center operations can go a long way towards improving results.

Once you have the fundamental call center software in place for dialing, routing, scheduling  where should you focus next? Optimizing your workflow, performance monitoring, or other tasks? Which of these programs could be considered the ultimate call center software to boost results?

The ultimate call center software would have to be one that could have a direct impact on the success of your organization, be easy to implement, and could be used to systematically improve agent performance and operational efficiency.

With this in mind, one candidate for the title of Ultimate Call Center Software would have to be predictive voice analytics.

How Predictive Voice Analytics Boosts Results

Predictive voice analytics can help call centers in several distinct ways depending on what your industry is and what your goals are.

For example, customer service-oriented call centers would benefit greatly from using voice analytics software to analyze interactions between customers and phone agents. Using this software makes it possible to get automated assessments of 100% of your phone agent interactionsassessments that evaluate the quality of each agents interactions with customers.

By analyzing how customer service agents interact with customers, voice analytics software can give you the context of a conversation without the need for manual analysis. This saves you time and labor on agent assessments while giving you the info you need to improve phone agent training efforts.

Creating Predictive Analyses of Future Call Results

Sales or collections-oriented call centers have a different challenge ahead of them: getting the person on the other end of the line to say YES to paying for something. Here, predictive voice analytics, can be an invaluable tool for boosting business results.

In industries where youre reaching out to a customer to get them to agree to pay for a product or service, initial call results arent always positive, or even clear. Predictive voice analytics study key customer vocal features from calls to assess their emotional behavior and tone by converting them using digital signal processing. Once the conversion is complete, the data is plugged into a series of machine learning algorithms to assess likely future behaviors.

By studying all of your first-call interactions with customers, the predictive voice analytics program can assess how likely each customer is to say YES, and rank them in order of most likely to least likely.

This is invaluable for both collections and sales call centers that are looking to increase revenue and decrease time spent on calls that go nowhere.

In short, predictive voice analytics is the ultimate call center software because it can have a direct impact on your call centers bottom line. How much of an impact? Check out the DCI Case Study for an example.

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