Neurolinguistics and Debt Collection: Debt Collection Forum 2016 Preview

On March 21 until March 23, the 2016 Debt Collection Forum (DCF) will gather for three days of Solution driven sessions, not sponsor driven sessions and Substance from In The Trenches experts who live it, breathe it, work it every day.

This gathering will be one of the largest events for the debt collection industry this year, and its one that everyone here is pretty excited to see, primarily because of one specific event.

What event has RankMiners staff so excited?

The Introduction to Neurolinguistics

On the 22nd at 3:00 p.m., the DCF will be hosting an event with Roger Weiss as speaker entitled Its What You Say and How You Say It Introduction to Neurolinguistics.

This event topic is right up RankMiners alley, as neurolinguistics is a massive part of what RankMiner uses to produce positive business outcomes for debt collection agencies.

What is Neurolinguistics?

A simple definition of neurolinguistics can be found on the page; Neruolinguistics is the study of how language is represented in the brain. This branch of study helps us understand how we, as humans, learn, retain, and use language, and how that affects the mind.

Since RankMiners predictive voice analytics software studies the way that people talk to identify emotional behavior and tone, its an area of intense interest for us.

Why is Neurolinguistics Important?

Modern debt collection agencies face ever-increasing challenges in maximizing collections while ensuring complete compliance with regulatory statutes such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) that severely constrain how collection agencies can operate.

Neurolinguistics can help debt collection agencies optimize collections by studying how people are talking to find out their mood and predict likely future outcomes based off of that information.

This is the basic operating principle of predictive voice analytics, and it works wonders for debt collection agencies. With a predictive analysis of customer behaviors, debt collectors can focus their efforts on the customers who are most likely to pay, and avoid wasting time on calls that go nowhere.

Its even possible to analyze when a call goes bad, and to find out what statements or behaviors created the negative result so that agent training can focus on preventing such problems in the future.

Where is the Event?

If youre looking to attend this years Debt Collection Forum, the event will be held at the Ameristar St. Charles on One Ameristar Blvd. Saint Charles, MO 63301, and you can register online at the event website.

We look forward to seeing the neurolinguistics session, and to seeing you there!

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