What Does Call Center QA Automation Actually Mean?

Theres a lot of software on the market these days that claims to automate the quality assurance process. But, what does call center QA automation actually mean for your operations?

Is it truly a set it and forget it system that removes all manual management, replacing the need for QA staff?

Actually, no. Quality assurance automation will not completely replace QA staff for your call center. Rather, QA automation is a tool to help your QA staff be more efficient and effective at their jobs. And help your company to provide better customer service at a lower cost.

Heres what QA automation actually means for your call center:

Access to Complete Evaluation Data Sets

For most call centers, QA staff has the ability to cover maybe 1 or 2% of their call centers total call load manually andunfortunately, spot checks that limited number of calls randomly. With hundreds or thousands of phone agents handling tens of thousands of calls a day, no call center QA staff in the world has the bandwidth to manually review every single call.

What automated QA does is evaluate each phone agent to customer interaction and report the call results. This automatic process allows you to understand whats happening across 100% of your calls, reviewing every call result for you so that your QA staff can focus their efforts on the calls and agents that need the most attention.

This empowers better decision-making on the part of QA staffsince theyll have a much richer and more complete picture of individual agents performance as well as different teams or groups of agents to work from. The actual review and rating of agent performance is still something that QA staff can do with intention since automating the QA process allows them to pinpoint areas of focus.

More Focused Training Initiatives

With call center QA automation and the analytics it provides, you can easily identify the specific communication skills that phone agents need help with, such as emotional tone or behavior. (Internal note: we should avoid generic speak whenever we can and use specific examples.) By focusing on each agents specific areas of opportunity, overall call center competencies can be increased much more efficiently, since individual agents arent sitting through remedial training that they dont actually need.

Continuously Evolving Assessments

As the machine learning algorithms used by the automated program collects more and more data, it is able to better mold itself to your companys specific environment. When QA staff go through the automated assessments, they can confirm or contradict the score rankings provided by the software program to reinforce the self-learning algorithms.

These calibrations are used by RankMiner to improve the computation model, making it smarter and even more accurate over time.

In short, QA automation means faster, more complete, and more reliable assessments that get better over time.

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