What Does Automated Call Center Quality Assurance Mean for My QA Team?

Call center quality assurance teams have an enormous workload to deal with. Call centers make thousands of outgoing calls each day, meaning spot-checking calls at random is no longer sufficient, especially with the explosion of social media, which has given people a platform to magnify their message. Research has shown 65% likelihood that a negative customer service experience will be shared with others.

This is where automation of call center quality assurance comes into play. An automated system for QA can check 100% of a call centers contacts with customers. By checking every call, QA can vastly improve efforts to enhance agent quality and overall call center performance.

But, as useful as automated call center quality assurance tools are, some QA managers worry about what the introduction of these tools will mean for their QA team. This can lead to some hesitancy to adopt technology because of worry that the machine will replace the personnel.

After all, it took time to assemble your QA team, and theyre an important part of your call centers operations. Its important to consider the effects that any changes to your quality assurance process and equipment might have on your team.

With this in mind, what does call center quality assurance automation really mean for your team?

More Efficient Assessment of Your Phone Agents

Automated call center quality assurance tools empower your QA team, providing analytics for all of your calls rather than limiting analyses to just a small handful of the thousands of calls agents make each day.

This allows your QA team to more efficiently assess your call centers phone agents. Rather than having to listen to each individual call to make an assessment of a phone agents performance, your QA staff can check a report created by the automatic analysis program and work with that as a basis, saving time.

How much time is saved depends on what your QA team is looking for and what kind of automated analytics youre using.

For example, standard speech analytics can deliver a keyword report of what your phone agents said in a conversation with customers. This allows your QA team to quickly review text from a call, spotting whether or not your phone are following the script or making forbidden statements.

On the other hand, predictive voice analytics software can pick apart the emotions and behaviors using features such as pitch, tone, and amplitude of an agents voice in a conversation, creating an objective analysis of how the agent spoke to customers on a call. Objectivity is ensured by cross-calibrating the predictive models with all of your QA experts. This can allow your QA team to quick identify reasons for low-quality call results, such as phone agents using a rude tone of voice that a simple keyword analysis would miss.

Normally, detecting such a tone of voice would require a QA team member to personally listen to a call, which would take a lot of time. Automating this process saves time, allowing your QA personnel to review a larger percentage of calls so underperforming phone agents receive necessary training.

Increased Time for Tasks That Improve Call Center Performance

As important as it is for your QA staff to review calls, the actual call review process is only a part of puzzle. The findings and interventions you lead are also critical to improve call center performance.

Automating the process of collecting and analyzing data frees up time for your QA staff to work on tasks that actually improve the performance of your call center agents.

Instead of spending hours each day parsing through calls, your phone agents can review the analysis reports, and act on that information. This means more time planning and carrying out training for agents to improve their performance, and less time trying to sort through mountains of recorded calls.

Will Automation Replace My Quality Assurance Staff?

This is one of the major worries that QA department managers (and their staff members) have about using call center quality assurance automation systems.

While automating elements of the QA process can greatly speed up the thoroughness and speed of the QA process, the use of automation doesnt have to mean the elimination of QA jobs. QA automation merely makes the QA staff that you have more effective and efficient by collecting and collating important data for them.

It will still be up to your QA staff to act on the information provided by your analytics solution so that phone agent quality improvements get made.

Improving the quality of your QA department is quick and easy with call center QA automation tools such as predictive voice analytics that give you insight into the performance of your phone agents.

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