Using Call Analytics to Achieve a Superior Customer Experience

Customer support-oriented call centers have an enormous challenge ahead of themto provide top-notch customer support to complete strangers over the phone, many of whom have grievances that have nothing to do with your company or phone agents directly.

Whether a customer is calling in with a technical question or a complaint about your clients products/services, its up to your call center to deliver a strong, positive customer experience that delights.

So, how can you achieve a superior customer experience at your call center? There are many strategies for optimizing the customer experience at your call center, but one of the most effective is to use an automated voice analytics solution.

Heres how you can use call analytics to achieve a superior customer experience:

#1: Rapidly Identify Underperformers

When it comes do dealing with customers, what you say isnt always as important as how you say it. A basic part of having a strong customer experience is making sure that the phone agents dealing with customers know how to talk to them.

To perform a rigorous analysis that factors in everything, youd have to listen to all of the calls that a phone agent takes, which simply isnt practical. Most call centers can only check about 1% of their total call volume, meaning that the vast majority of an agents performance goes unassessed.

The issue here is that with so little data on an agents performance, you cannot make a quick decision on whether or not to have that agent retrained to improve their performance. Blatantly incorrect behaviors can be spotted easily, but less obvious issues with an agents tone that affect call outcomes might take several calls to clearly establish.

If youre only reviewing one call per agent per week, putting together a reliable assessment could take weeks. How many bad interactions are going by each week with that one agent that could be costing your company customers? 150? 200?

With automated voice analytics software you could get a thorough, objective analysis of every call that every phone agent participates in. So rather than taking weeks to compile enough information about a single phone agents speech habits on customer calls, you could assemble actionable data in a day or two.

For example, when DCI applied voice analytics to their own call center, their Chief Quality Officer stated that it used to take us 4-5 weeks to establish a particular trend for a given phone agent. With RankMiners Agent Performance solution, were able to spot meaningful trends with certain agents within a couple of days.

By identifying poor performers quickly, you can pull them off of customer work for retraining faster, potentially saving your contact center hundreds of bad calls which could cost you customers.

#2: Find Your Top Performers, and Share Best Practices

While identifying your worst performers is important, it can be equally important to find out who your best phone agents are and have them share their tips and tricks for handling customers with your other phone agents.

This can be particularly helpful for your more impressionable new hires. New hires can be heavily influenced by the employees around them, and may often turn to a nearby coworker rather than a manager for assistance or advice.

Placing top performers near new hires can help provide a positive example and a ready source of good advice. By surrounding your new hires with good influences, you can help shape their behavior and tone on calls with customers from day one.

With voice analytics, identifying your best phone agents is easy. The software that uses key speech features such as tone and pitch to spot phone agents who lack empathy and sincerity in their speech can also help you find the agents who use these qualities the best.

Once identified, you can have these phone agents share their best practices with management and training staff. This allows you to have your trainers and supervisors distribute the best practices of your top performers, which frees up top agents to focus on maximizing your business outcomes.

By surrounding your new hires with good influences, you can help shape their behavior and tone on calls with customers from day one.

These are just a couple of the ways that using voice analytics for your call center can help you improve your centers customer experience.

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