A Call Center Directors Guide to Selecting a Call Analytics Platform

The call center industry is an incredibly competitive and crowded space. Any business that wants to not just survive, but thrive in this industry is going to need the right tools.

Call analytics platforms empower call center directors to drive results in a variety of ways by providing tools for optimizing call center metrics, boosting staff performance/productivity, or even recommending the next course of action to take with a customer.

But, which call center analytics platform is right for your business?

Capabilities of Different Call Analytics Solutions

There are a variety of different call analytics solutions on the market:

Speech Analytics.

These solutions study what was said in a conversation to pick out keywords that serve as an indication of the direction of the call. Often useful for identifying if a phone agent is going off-script.

Voice Analytics.

Rather than studying what was said, this method analyzes how phone agents and customers spoke. Useful for determining emotional behavior and tone of phone agents and customers to automate the assessment of soft skills.

Predictive Analytics.

These software solutions take specific data sets and use them to build a predictive model of likely future outcomes. The information can be used to guide business decisions, such as, which customer accounts should be targeted or what training is needed for a phone agent.

These are the broad categories for the different call analytics solutions. Specific vendors may offer different functionalities, or blur the lines between these categories with advanced call center technologies.

Choosing an Effective Analytics Software for Your Call Center

Considering the sheer number of vendors out there that offer call center analytics software platforms, its important to choose the one that best meets your call centers needs.

A good place to start is to ask yourself the following questions:

Which Call Center Metrics Most Need Improving?

Take a look at your current key performance metrics, which areas are your biggest opportunities for improvement? Knowing which metrics have the most room for improvement can help you choose a solution that best meets your needs. For example, a solution that can help you identify which agents are in need of training is helpful if youre looking to boost individual phone agent productivity.

How Much Time Will I Need to Dedicate to Managing the Solution?

One problem with many predictive analytics solutions is they use a static regression model. Basically, these solutions will continue to rely on the same assumptions, unless a dedicated expert manually updates the algorithm to account for new trends in the data. This need for manual updates can add significant labor hours and unexpected costs for managing the solution.

Does the Solution Produce Results?

Analytics solution providers can promise a lot, but can they deliver? When parsing your list of call center software platforms, check the providers past results data to see if past users had noticeable positive results from using their platform.

Being able to answer these basic questions can help you choose the best call center analytics software.

The Power of a Robust Analytics Solution

Predictive voice analytics is a powerful call center analytics solution. This type of solution uses detailed analysis of customer emotional behavior and tone on a call to determine likely future outcomes of the phone agent to customer interaction. Call centers, such as DCI, have used predictive voice analytics to improve their conversion rates. In DCIs case, this solution was able to boost their collections from $3,294 per 1,000 accounts to $13,449 per 1,000 accounts, increasing revenue by more than 20%.

Learn more about predictive voice analytics and how it enables call center success now!

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