RPM launches RankMiners Voice-based Emotional & Behavioral Predictive Analytics

RPM launches RankMiners voice-based emotional & behavioral Predictive Analytics

RPM is a national leader in accounts receivable management. From Credit Card, Retail Card, Auto Finance, large Utilities to National Telecommunications Companies, to Healthcare. RPM is forging lasting partnerships as a result of our unique core business value: WE KEEP OUR PROMISE. That is part of what we call the RPM Advantage.

Key Facts:

  • Receivables Performance Management (RPM) has selected RankMiners Predictive Analytics solution to improve its effectiveness across its business operations.
  • Built on RankMiners patented technology, the solution enables RPM to better prioritize resources to those customers most likely to pay now.
  • This project represents a cornerstone upon which RPM continues to build toward a data-enriched, analytically driven business model that not only improves business performance but also improves the customerexperience.

SEATTLE, WA. February 23, 2015 Strengthening its position as one of the premier Receivables Management agencies, RPM has selected RankMiner, the leader in voice-based predictive analytics, to increase its collection conversion rates and improve its agents performance.

RankMiners Predictive Analytics platform is built using machine learning algorithms, which enables the solution to continuously improve with use,
providing RPM with an increasingly effective means to serve their customers. Howard George, CEO of Receivables Performance Management, commented,

Weve always sought a competitive advantage using analytics, and with RankMiner, we have the means to take it to the next level. The ease of implementation was just icing on the cake and now that RankMiner is a part of our operation, we plan to leverage their Predictive Analytics to improve our agents performance as well.

Jason Clark, RPMs Vice President of Operations, states,

Theres certainly a focus on compliance within the Collection Industry and, while important, emerging technologies that help agencies increase profits will be the next center of attention. RankMiner takes analytics to the next level and gives Collection Agencies a way to differentiate themselves when it comes to increasing conversion rates RPM intends to leverage the latest in technology and voice analytics to stay ahead of the curve.

Were excited to add RPM to our growing client list, says Preston Faykus, Founder & CEO of RankMiner. We believe that the current and near-term work that were doing with RPM will become the cornerstone for many companies in this industry.

RankMiners Predictive Analytics is currently designed to be used by collection agencies, inside sales groups and call center operations.

About RankMiner:
RankMiner is a pioneer in predicting business outcomes through voice analysis. We use patented technology to analyze emotional behavior and tones (not speech). Unlike speech technologys diagnostic model that extracts key words to diagnose what customers are saying, RankMiner patented voice technology analyzes more than 176 voice feature vectors on each call to predict future business outcomes, enabling our clients to make and receive more profitable calls.

For more information contact Linda Montano at 916.284.8121 or email us at info@rankminer.com

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