Stop Wasting Time

RankMiner helps you to systematically identify the true NOs and YESes of your sales cycle so you can close more sales faster.

  • We help companies who work on the phone, do business more successfully
  • Our patented technology helps agents identify the real NOs sooner and reach more YESes on every conversation
  • As a result, our customers are able to accelerate their cash flow and generate more profit

RankMiner gives you the ability to close more sales and waste less time on non-productive prospects by applying our patented technology to all of your phone conversations. Your time is valuable so use it wisely. Allocate your resources to the leads and initiatives that are actually going to generate revenue and drive the bottom line of your business. In todays marketplace, no company has time to wait for deals that will most likely fall through know before your competitors and gain the advantage.

See how RankMiner can improve your sales!

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Your clients will thank you immeasurably if you can intervene and provide additional training to the poorly performing agents


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