How it Works For You

How RankMiners Predictive Voice Analytics Give You The Edge:

  • Our data scientists and machine learning developers have created multiple industry-leading predictive models that will help you increase your revenues and decrease operating costs generating greater profits.
  • Each model can be customized for your operation and the types of business you collect.
  • With our profit-maximizing Predictive Models, well tell you which debtors are most likely to give you a promise to pay and which debtors are most likely to never give you a promise to pay. So you only focus on those debtors that matter most to your business.
  • Even though well analyze hundreds of thousands of calls for you, there are no huge up-front costs you only pay as you use RankMiners Voice Analytics.

Benefits include:

  • Increased Recovery Rates
  • Improved Promise to Pay ratios
  • Accelerated Cash Flow

A Focus on Profits

Unlike speech analytic products that simply search for phonemes, word correlations or key phrases, RankMiners predictive models are built around human emotions & behaviors. They utilize the latest in machine learning to identify the customers you want to target.Our patented technology incorporates the latest in emotional and behavior voice theory that predict the likelihood of your customers actions. You no longer need to worry about which customers to focus on. RankMiner ranks your customers so you target the ones most likely to pay.

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Your clients will thank you immeasurably if you can intervene and provide additional training to the poorly performing agents


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