2 Key Technologies for Trailblazing Call Centers in 2016

Throughout the years, call centers have used many different technologies to drive results and become industry leaders. Some of these technologies have fallen by the wayside, others have become staples of the industry.

New technologies are coming out all the time that can make an impact on call center performance metrics. But, which call center technologies will your call center need to become an industry leader?

Top technologies that forward-thinking call centers will need to stay on top of industry trends include:

1: Predictive Voice Analytics Software

Most first contacts with customers don't end in success. Many call centers have to contact a given customer multiple times before they get a positive call result. Yet, how can your call center sort the customers who are likely to say yes on a future call from the hard no customers?

In most call centers, this is left up to the best judgment of individual phone agents. However, only the very best phone agents can reliably identify which customers are likely to close in the near future.

Predictive voice analytics programs use machine-learning algorithms to analyze the emotional behavior and tone of customers in phone interactions and assess likely future behaviors based on that information. These programs can learn from results data, linking key emotional cues to call results across thousands of calls to improve the accuracy of their predictive analyses.

Call centers are already using this software to increase results by accelerating the close cycle and improving top-line performance.

2: Automated Phone Agent Assessment Systems

The ability of phone agents to drive positive call results has an enormous impact on your call center metrics. By reviewing agent calls, you can identify weaknesses in phone agent skillsets, and rectify them to improve agent performance.

However, call center QA is a difficult task for any company. With agents making thousands of calls each week, most QA departments only have the time and resources to manually review a tiny percentage of each agents calls.

Automating phone agent assessments so that all of an agents calls are reviewed is necessary for accurate and thorough assessments. Many call centers already use speech analytics solutions to get transcriptions of what phone agents say in a conversation.

Knowing what an agent said in a customer interaction is useful for knowing whether or not they stayed on-script. But, what about how the agent addressed the customer? Did they speak with empathy, or rudeness? Plain text alone cannot convey attitudes like sarcasm or apathy that may negatively influence results even when agents are saying the right things.

Here, voice analytics is useful for creating assessments of phone agents that take into account how your phone agents interact with customers, and not just what they say. This gives your call center QA department context that they wouldnt have otherwise, improving their ability to accurately assess phone agent performance.

With these analytical solutions, call centers can improve their performance metrics and become industry leaders. Get the data you need to move your call center forward now.

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