Forget B2B or B2C, Improve Your Collection Agency by Being B2Human

A lot of companies spend their time worrying about their messaging, whether theyre speaking in a B2B or B2C manner. Whether your agency specializes in business debt or personal debt, the decision to pay or not pay ultimately rests in the hands of a human being.So, rather than focusing on being B2B or B2C, you can improve your collection agency by being B2H, or Business to Human.

Multiple studies over the years suggest that our voices transmit subtle signals about our trustworthiness, age, gender, body strength, and even key personality traits. When people listen to others voices, they tend to assess for these cues incredibly fast, whether or not they realize it.

With this knowledge in mind, how can you improve your phone agents performance?

Here are a couple of suggestions for using voice analytics to improve agent performance:

Understand the Good and the Bad

To create a thorough assessment of agent performance, you need a complete data set to work from. This means collecting data on 100% of each agents calls to determine what they do well and where they need to improve.

Voice analytics software can automate this process, compiling detailed reports of how phone agents are speaking to customers by analyzing specific vocal cues for behavior and tone.

Once you have a complete analysis to work from, take a closer look at some of the calls with the best and worst results. With a close review of the agents best and worst calls, it will be easier to identify what that agents specific strengths and weaknesses are. This lets you create a detailed, customized strategy for improving that agents performance.

Focus Training to Improve Communications

By analyzing all agent calls and focusing on what separates great calls from the not-so-great ones, you can make your training efforts more customized and productive. This allows QA staff and supervisors on the floor to focus on what works for each individual agent.

However, to make improvements goes beyond simply focusing training efforts. Determining ways to better influence, connect and build a rapport with phone agents is key to making improvements that stick.

For example, you could focus on conducting one-on-one meetings between supervisors and phone agents. This is a natural change to make when youre tailoring training to the needs of employees, as the customized content is often most applicable to a single employee anyways.

Or, you could establish/reinforce an open-door policy for your phone agents to approach supervisors with their comments, questions, and concerns.

One approach recommended by Chrons Small Business column is to put important interactions between managers and employees in writing. Chron states that results of the communication should be documented in writing by the individual who initiated the meeting to ensure that everyone is operating with the same information and expectations.

Whatever method(s) you use, the goal should be to make sure that communications and phone agent performance improve.

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Your clients will thank you immeasurably if you can intervene and provide additional training to the poorly performing agents


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