Emotional Intelligence: I LOVE YOU vs. i love you

Every day millions of calls are made to call centers, with millions of call center agents, generating billions of dollars in revenue each year, in the U.S. alone. The sheer scale of this is mind-boggling. Alexander Graham Bell would have had no idea just how much people would rely on the telephone he invented 140 years ago.

These calls generate a huge quantity of data. This is a prime example of the often-used phrase Big Data. But what do you do with this data?

How You Say it Makes a Difference

You can get summary from a transcript, but it tells you nothing about the emotions expressed during the call. Without this emotional intelligence, its hard to tell if the call was good or bad.

Traditionally, call center success has been measured in terms of quantity. Common metrics include the percentage of calls answered within 20 seconds, calls per day, cost per call, or average handling time per call. These metrics all have a role to play in determining the success of your call center, but they lack one key element call quality. Without some measure of call quality, how can you truly determine the success of a call?

Obviously, some call centers have metrics indicate quality in an indirect fashion. While the total of sales made by anagent does not directly indicateanything about the quality of their calls, it does give an indirect indication. If the agent were poor at her job, she would be unable to make sales. However total number of sales is rudimentary measure of quality, and only really shows the ability to close a sale. Basic metrics do not provide any indication of the customers mindset, or how exactly the agent was able to gain success on that call.

The problem is that often the outcome of a call is relatively intangible. There are at least two parties to any call. Each participant is a living, breathing human being, with a whole life going on outside this short conversation. Therefore any data that a call center company can gather concerning the participants emotions is of immense value.

The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on a Call

We can learn an incredible amount from the emotions that people express in their voices.

To gain emotional intelligence, one may ask, what emotional state was the customer & the agent at the time of the call? Was the agent following company protocol? Were they sounding enthusiastic, and listening, or were they simply going through the motions? Didthe customer showing genuine interest, or were they simply trying to get rid of the agent?

Take the phrase in the title of this post, for instance. If we follow the practice of showing vocal emphasis in caps when written, I LOVE YOU would be shouted for all to hear. On the other hand I love you is more of a passivestatement of fact, saidmore because it is expected to be said, than expressingreal feeling.

Additionally, you can interpret the sentence depending on where the speaker places his or her emphasis. For example I LOVE you indicates that the speaker fully loves, and not merely likes, the other person. I love YOU means that the speaker directs their love to the person they are talking to, not anybody else.

While call center agents probably dont go around expressing their love to clients, the message is still the same. Context and emotions mean everything in spoken conversation. It is not just the words that people say that are important. The emotion and meaning behind them are equally important.

Final Thoughts

Every day, call center create a large amount of Big data, just by recording their calls. While some analytics tools provide insight into the words said on a call, they do not provideemotional intelligence to determine quality outcomes. By adding a predictive voice analytics tool, it is now possible to unravel a conversation to gain Emotional Intelligence from the information hiding your big data.

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