How Much Is My Call Center Wasting on Repeat Customer Service Calls

Customer support call centers everywhere have to meet a number of difficult performance goals. Some of the trickiest performance metrics to improve include repeat calls with customers.

Repeat calls with customers can help your phone agents close a deal with a customer or help resolve some issue that the customer has. However, they can also be enormous time sinks that drag down productivity for your call center without providing much benefit.

How much are you wasting on repeat calls with customers? The answer to that depends on a lot factors, such as the nature of the customer support your call center provides and how fruitful your follow-up calls with customers are.

Why Repeat Customer Service Calls Can Be Wasteful

Sometimes, your call center agents might not be able to provide the help that a customer is looking for on their first call. This results in frustration for the customer as they get constantly bounced around to different agents and departments trying to some kind of resolution.

When a satisfactory resolution isnt reached, the customer either calls again, and the process starts over from step 1 or he simply leaves and you lose a customer.

This can be an enormous waste of time and resources for your call center as your phone agents have to constantly ask for basic information about the customers problems all over again from the beginning.

If the average handle time for a customer is 15 minutes on the first call, and 10 on the second, a repeat call rate of 10% would mean over an hour and a half of extra time and labor used per 100 calls. This translates into 6 less customers being handled per 100 actual customer service calls.

With this in mind, what can a customer support center do to minimize repeat calls?

Reducing Repeat Customer Service Calls

While completely eliminating repeat calls may not be possible, as some issues will always be beyond your control (such as blatantly unreasonable requests), you can reduce wasteful repeat calls.

How so?

One way is to identify the issues that cause repeat calls that you can control, such as under-trained phone agents.

By identifying agents who are in need of extra training quickly, you can help limit your rate of repeat customer service calls by improving phone agent competencies so they can better handle customers on the first call. Voice analytics helps with this by identifying issues that speech analytics would miss.

For example, say that a phone agent is talking to customers in a rude tone of voice. They could be saying all the right words, but putting customers off with their attitude. A simple keyword recognition program would never catch this alone.

Voice analytics, however, would study how the agent spoke, not just what the agent said. Because of this, voice analytics algorithms could identify a sarcastic or abrupt tone of voice used by a phone agent, and mark them for training.

In customer support centers and sales call centers, analytics can be a key tool for reducing time and resources wasted on repeat calls.

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