3 Steps to Getting the Most Out of Your Call Analytics Software

Call analytics software solutions such as speech analytics and predictive voice analytics are key to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of call center operations. These call analytics software solutions can help your call center in a variety of ways.

The call center market is a very competitive one, with thousands of agencies vying for customers at once. Call analytics software can be a major differentiator for your contact center, helping make your company more effective than your peers.

Every ounce of performance that you can squeeze out of your call center could be the bit of efficiency needed to push you over the top of your competitors. With this in mind, its imperative that your call center gets the most out of its call analytics software.

How can you get more benefit from using call center analytics software? Here are a few tips to help you out:

1: Make Sure You Have the Right Call Analytics Software for the Job

As mentioned above, there is more than one kind of call analytics software. Two key examples of call analytics software include:

  • Speech Analytics. Speech analytics software converts spoken dialogue into text, picking out certain keywords and phrases to make sure that phone agents are sticking to the script so that your call center can avoid regulatory issues that might govern your particular business.
  • Predictive Voice Analytics. Rather than focusing on what people say, predictive voice analytics studies how people speak. Using a combination of voice features, this analytics solution can evaluate the emotional behavior and tone of a speaker, then use that to create a predictive analysis of future behaviors.

Each of these analytics solutions serves a specific purpose. If regulatory issues are a major concern, then speech analytics can help you prevent violations by identifying call center agents who make statements that violate the rules so you can retrain them in the proper script.

However, what about the agents who say all the right things, but still underperform? If your biggest worry is increasing performance, then finding the underperformers and getting them retrained to be better at customer interactions is key. Here, predictive voice analytics helps you by going beyond what is said and focusing on how the phone agent said it, identifying issues such as tone/demeanors that could be costing your company by alienating customers.

Or, say you need to find a way to better target repeat calls to customers who responded ambiguously during the first call. With predictive voice analytics, youll know which customers are most likely to say YES if your phone agents contact them a second time. This is something that speech analytics simply cannot do.

2: Track Long-Term Performance Trends Against Current Performance

Predictive voice analytics can help your QA team quickly establish performance trends among your call centers phone agents, reducing a process that could take weeks or months down to 1-2 days.

However, as useful as this is, it can still be beneficial to review a phone agents long-term performance before and after being identified for extra training by a predictive voice analytics software.

Comparing long-term performance information for a given phone agent against recent data from your analytics solution can help your call center spot performance patterns across agents. This in turn, can help you optimize your response so that the corrective measures you take are more effective.

For example, if an agent begin to struggle due to changes in customer behaviors or greater service expectations from customers, its likely that those changes arent isolated to an individual agent. Knowing this, you can take measures to resolve the issue and keep service levels high.

3: Use More Than One Type of Call Analytics Software

Using one kind of analytics solution doesnt have to lock you out of using other types of analytics for your call center.

If your call center currently uses a voice analytics solution for phone agent QA, consider adding a predictive voice analytics solution that can assess customer behaviors too.

Using multiple kinds of analytics solutions can help your company cover gaps in its analytics, giving you a more complete picture of call center performance. This, in turn, helps you make more optimizations to your call center, increasing the effectiveness of all your efforts.

Every improvement you make to your call centers performance could be a deciding factor in your ability to win business opportunities. Making sure that you get the most from your call centers analytics solutions helps you make more effective and efficient improvements.

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