How you say it makes a difference: Empower Phone Agents with Emotional Analytics

Businesses need to inspect all expenses closely to ensure that they will improve the bottom line. This is as true for emotion analytics as for any other cost. In the case of call centers, one of the greatest expenses is often the salary paid to agents. Of course, these same agents regularly generate the greatest source of income.

A call center can use emotion analytics as a tool to assist management in examining, and hopefully, improving, the performance of these agents. Improved agents performance will, in turn, lead to increased net profits.

Understanding the Emotions of a Conversation

The emotional state of both parties on a phone call can have a huge bearing on whether there is a successful outcome. While there may be little you can do to influence the state of your customers emotions, with emotion analytics you can at least recognize them, allowing your agents to react appropriately. The future of call center analytics allows you to determine if a customer is angry, sad, confused, grateful, joyful, or in a myriad of other emotional states. This emotional analytics data can be used to train your agents, allowing them to adapt their phone manner to match the customers emotions.

A phone agents emotions can have a huge impact on how successful a call will be. Your customers probably do not have the desire to adapt themselves to match differing emotions of phoneagents. However, call center agents are human. They will have days where they go through the full gamut of human emotions. It is important that the company can see if a particular agent has too many days where their emotions hinder their performance.

How to Use Emotional Analytics to Improve Phone Agent Performance

You can help agents improve the way they communicate with customers. There are many ways agents can deliver a message. How a person reacts to a message is very much dependent on how the agent presents it. For instance, a customer of a utility company may owe a certain amount on account. Their reaction to an agent who calls them and demands payment will be very different to their reaction to a polite agent who calls, asking them if they have a problem, and offering them possible payment solutions.

Typically, all calls have been recorded but only a few random calls have been reviewed for quality. A key benefit of an emotional analytics system is that it monitors and analyzes all calls. In a well-run call center, most of these calls will not need any intervention. They will be within the guidelines of a normal call, where agent emotion will little impact on the call outcome. By systematically and automatically monitoring every call with voice analytics, you can be assured that any outliers will be discovered and flagged for review.

If agent performance is becoming an issue, you can use an emotion alanalytics system to determine if your agents are putting in as much effort as they should be. Are they complying with company standards? Are they following their scripts AND delivering the message with enthusiasm? Are they bringing their personal emotional issues, upsets or prejudices into their work calls? Do they consistently use a pleasant phone manner, work promptly and efficiently, try to resolve effectively any issues they encounter? Do they rush callers to the detriment of results, or, unnecessarily extend conversations, leaving long pauses, and thus reduce the number of calls they can make?

Final Thoughts

Often flagged concerns will not be the result of any deliberate act by a call center agent. The agents may simply be exhibiting evidence of inexperience or lack of knowledge. This is often one of the main reasons given for overly lengthy pauses in calls when an agent puts a client on hold while they try to work out how to answer a question asked.

When you begin using emotional analytics and close monitoring, these deficiencies can be found and problems solved. Agents can receive extra personalized training and answers can be determined for those regular difficult questions that customers may ask. If your call center manages to operate efficiently with few flagged problem calls, then this must improve the companies bottom line.

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