DCI Announces Success With RankMiner

Diversified Consultants, Inc. selects RankMiner to deploy Positive Predictive Model

Key Facts:

  • Diversified Consultants, Inc. implements RankMiners Positive Prediction Model using voice-based emotions and behaviors
  • Innovative predictive analytics will increase DCIs conversion rate and accelerate their cash flow
  • DCI chose RankMiner for its patented technology, ease of use and ability to improve profitability

SAINT PETERSBURG, FL July 30, 2014 Striving for increased performance for its Telecom customers, Jacksonville based Diversified Consultants, Inc. (DCI) selected RankMiner, the industrys pioneer in Predictive Analytics, to develop and deploy its Positive Prediction Models.

Innovation was one of the key reasons why DCI chose RankMiner for this multi-year agreement. Our agents couldnt believe how well it was able to identify the people who would agree to pay, said DCI (Diversified Consultants, Inc.) COO Gordon Beck III.

Beck was referring to the patented Predictive Model developed by RankMiner that utilizes voice-based emotions and behaviors to predict which customers were most likely to pay.

DCI is a niche collection agency servicing telecom debt only. Its clients include wireless, landline, cable, satellite, utilities and security companies. DCI collection agents interact by phone with their telecom clients customers and strive to help those customers resolve payment issues regarding their telecom bills.

When I first heard of RankMiners Predictive Model, I was skeptical, says Beck. I didnt think that much money was being left on the table. By following up with accounts that the Predictive Model said would pay, we saw a 70% increase in conversion rates. In the past, we were losing money from these customers.

RankMiner CEO Preston Faykus notes, Were thrilled to count DCI as one of our customers Its always exciting to see our clients realize this much value from our predictive models immediately since our solution is based upon machine learning, our algorithms will continually refine themselves with use and DCI will see its performance improve even further.

Were also excited about another aspect of RankMiner, says Beck. In addition to the Positive Prediction Model that were currently using, RankMiner is working to develop an Agent Performance Model that will help our amazing collection agents further improve their conversations by identifying each agents strengths and weaknesses by analyzing their voice attributes. Every DCI collection agent wants to improve, and now we have a tool that will provide individualized direction.

Faykus says that RankMiners Predictive Model is currently designed to be used by collection agencies, inside sales groups and call center operations.

About RankMiner:
RankMiner is a pioneer in predicting business outcomes through voice analysis. We use patented technology to analyze emotional behavior and tones (not speech). Unlike speech technologys diagnostic model that extracts key words to diagnose what customers are saying, RankMiner patented voice technology analyzes more than 176 voice feature vectors on each call to predict future business outcomes, enabling our clients to make and receive more profitable calls.
For more information contact Linda Montano at 916.284.8121 or email us at info@rankminer.com

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