The Essential Checklist to Better Call Center Reporting

Call centers have a major problemtheir reporting systems arent able to quickly and accurately track the performance of individual phone agents.

Most organizations are relying on a manual process of reviewing individual calls, which means only a small percentage of calls are being reviewed. This leaves large gaps in call center QA reporting, causing inaccurate results and slower actions on their findings.

To become more agile and improve key call center metrics, call centers need a better system for tracking and reporting phone agent performance.

With this in mind, heres a short checklist of items for improving your call center QA reporting:

Use Automated Agent Assessment Tools

A call center technology designed to automate the process of phone agent assessments, can review different key metrics, such as use of soft skills, positive call outcome rates, and adherence to script.

Automated agent assessment software can help overcome the enormous call center QA information gap faced by most call centers. Rather than relying on one or two randomly-sampled calls each week, the call centers QA team can get detailed performance data on all of a phone agents interactions with customers.

Use Big Data Tools to get Performance Reporting

The average call center phone agent handles thousands of calls a week. The sheer volume of calls the center handles is part of the reason why manual call assessments just arent up to the task of providing accurate reporting of agent performance.

Information overload of completed reports can overwhelm QA staff trying to sift data sets for the most relevant or important points. To effectively add a Big Data analytics tool to your QA process, the ideal solution will automate the call evaluations process, as well as, present the information in an easy to use format.

Any call center software used to automate the agent assessment process should be able to organize the most relevant data for your call center QA staff to review quickly. This can save time, increase efficiency, reduce error, and improve accuracy in your agent assessments.

Identify Which Pieces of Data Are Most Relevant to Your Call Center

Before you can simplify your reporting needs, you have to identify which performance metrics are most important to your call center; such as the percentage of first-call resolutions, average handle time, and schedule adherence.

However, many of the above mentioned call center metrics might be slightly out of your phone agents control. For example, some customers are going to need more time to handle than others, or there may be circumstances that prevent a first-call resolution, resulting in post call tasks and follow up calls.

Phone agent behavior, such as use of empathy, emotions, and tone are much more within each agents control. With training, these soft skills can be improved, helping to drive positive results.

When considering metrics to track for your reporting process, keep in mind:

  1. How much control do your phone agents have over a given metric?
  2. Will training result in a positive impact on a chosen metric?

These three checklist items are vital for improving your call center QA reporting. Not only can you collect more information, the information you collect will actually be useful for improving your call center operations.
Learn how automated phone agent assessment tools such as predictive voice analytics can be used to improve call center performance today!

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