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The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, or ACA, is the trusted resource for companies in the credit and collections industry. This organization brings together third-party collection agencies, law firms, asset buying companies, creditors and vendor affiliates, representing more than 230,000 industry employees.

Every year ACA hosts a convention attended by over 1,000 industry professionals who come together to share ideas, technologies and more. This years convention, was hosted at the Hyatt Regency Denver & Colorado Convention Center, where RankMiners CEO, Preston Faykus, had the privilege of delivering a presentation titled The Clear Advantage: Using Artificial Intelligence to Create a Learning Model for Training.

In the presentation, Preston covered the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI), the different types of machine learning systems, and how AI can be used in call centers to improve phone agent performance.

Check Out the Slides from Prestons Presentation Below!

Using Artificial Intelligence to Create a Learning Model for Training from RankMiner

Empowering Collections Call Centers with Machine Learning Algorithms

Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming a vital tool for call centers to improve their operations. By identifying which phone agents are most in need of training, solutions such as RankMiners predictive voice analytics help call centers ensure phone agent success.

RankMiners predictive voice analytics solution works by collecting data from recorded calls, breaking down the speech of phone agents and customers into individual features using digital signal processing, and applying these voice features to machine learning algorithms.

By using AI and machine learning to automate the assessment of the emotional behavior and tone of all your phone agents, the analysis information will allow your organization to optimize training efforts and improve call outcomes.

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Your clients will thank you immeasurably if you can intervene and provide additional training to the poorly performing agents


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