How Phone Agents Control Your Revenue

It may be a clich, but a call center is only as good as its phone agents. If you employ poor quality, undertrained phone agents, who provide uninspiring customer service and struggle to sell your products, you will notice a negative impact. Youll likely have a terrible reputation based on the negative customer experience and your revenue will suffer based on the bad call center experience your agents are providing.

Alternatively, if you hire intelligently, put resources into training and take full advantage of RankMiners predictive analytics software to analyze all of your agent and customer interactions, your revenue should skyrocket.

Telemarketing: Good vs. Bad

As a call center, you employ a multitude of agents to engage in inside sales. They apply their selling techniques over the telephone, rather than physically visiting prospective leads in person.

Many of us have been on the wrong end of bad telemarketing in the past. You receive a call from a poorly trained telemarketer at precisely the wrong moment, and the agent was simply going through the motions to make a sale.

A well-trained agent will quickly gauge your dissatisfaction of the timing of your call, and promptly finish the discussion, arranging a call at a more suitable time. A poor agent will stammer through his script, ignoring the obvious signs of the customers dissatisfaction. In this situation, more often than not, the customer will not purchase now, or in the future. The agents behavior has ensured that the person can no longer be considered a prospect, and in the worst scenario will be considered a lost customer.

However, if you use RankMiners predictive analytics to analyze your calls, you can spot the warning signs and indicate to your agents when they should back away from an attempt at a hard sell.

The Importance of the Upsell and the Cross-Sell

If you engage in outbound telemarketing, your agents should be geared up to sell your products or services. The whole purpose of the calls they make is to make a sale. Your average sales agents focus on enticing each prospect to buy your product or service, producing just enough to get by. However, your best agents can do so much better.

Telemarketing can be particularly hard for an agent who is not naturally persistent or persuasive. It is important that they recognize potential leads and do not waste time trying to pump those prospects who will never buy. RankMiners Customer Insight Predictive Voice Analytics makes it easier for your agents. It can help your agents determine which prospective customers are likely to buy and which are not by giving them a prioritized list of who will most likely buy. RankMiner does this by analyzing 383 emotional voice-based features expressed during the agents initial phone call with the prospect. When its time for the follow up call your agents know where to concentrate their attention.

The real potential for growth in your business bottom line comes from upsells and cross-sells. If a young minimum wage fast food assistant can succeed in cross-selling to a majority of his customers with a simple Do you want fries with that?, then your well-trained phone agent should be able to entice his customers to either add something extra to their order or even upgrade to a higher-level, more profitable product.

You can use RankMiners technology to better identify these opportunities, both from your existing client base and from new leads, giving you the ability to retain and grow client relationships.

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