5 Item Checklist to Improve Call Center Quality Assurance

A major part of ensuring that your call center agents produce the best results possible is to have an effective call center quality assurance program in place. With an effective set of tools and procedures to evaluate agent-to-customer interactions, you can readily address gaps in your call center agent teams quality, skills, and compliance to improve overall business performance.

How can you gauge the effectiveness of your call center quality assurance (QA) program?

Heres a checklist of items that can help you improve your process for increasing the effectiveness of your call center agents:

1: Collect Analytics for EVERY Call

Optimally, you need hard data from each and every call to maximize the effectiveness of your Quality Assurance program. Measuring agent competence along with enthusiasm and caring towards your customers should be a minimum.

By collecting analytics for every call, you can avoid having gaps in your data on a given call center agents performance. This helps you make more informed decisions faster.

2: Transform Call Scores into Agent Trends

After reviewing the call analytics youve collected, it is important to aggregate the call data and then tabulate it by agent in order to highlight agent trends.

Next apply the key performance metrics that matter the most to your business. Whether your KPIs are conversion rates, time to close, customer satisfaction, or various combinations for different business segments, its important to evaluate agents across multiple dimensions.

Averages and outliers across a couple of different dimensions could be useful:

  • Self performance  agents performance against his or her historical performance.
  • Peer performance  agents performance against peers within the same line of business.

3: Distinguish between Supervisor Coaching and Formal Training Classes to Improve Performance

Supervisors can be a terrific resource for immediate coaching and sharing best practices from top performers. Recommendations based on live performance can help make the advice more personalized and meaningful.

If you are systematically depicting agent trends as described in the second point above, then identifying when formal training is needed no longer becomes stressful. Moreover, with the proper analytics, the type of training, timing, and scope become much clearer as well.

Formal training classes can be extremely effective, but pulling agents out of the workflow isnt something that call centers can afford to do without a strong reason. On the other hand, it isnt a good idea to put off training if a number of agents struggle with the same issue.

4: Organize Regular Meetings to Review QA Progress

On a regular basis, you should meet with everyone who is a part of your call centers QA process to review your progress. Here, you should review your call centers analytics and take notes on any changes in employee performance.

RankMiners Agent Success products provides a platform that allows call center managers, QA managers, and other executive management to see results quickly and easily. This information is constantly updated as the software analyzes calls, keeping your performance data up-to-date.

Identifying consistent poor performers here can help you address the weak links in your call center.

5: Use Predictive Analytics to Automate the Analysis

Best of all, RankMiners voice analytics can monitor thousands of calls for you and create reports without consuming hours of your free time. For busy call centers, this means having analytics on every call, not just the few calls that call center managers and QA staff have the time to personally review.

Get the analytics you need to jumpstart your call center quality assurance process with voice analytics from RankMiner.

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