3 Things Youre Missing out on When Disregarding Voice Analytics

For call centers in any industry, analytics can play a key role in ensuring top performance and driving business growth. Yet, all too many call centers are missing out on a key piece of analytics: voice analysis.

This is not to say that call centers are ignoring what customers and phone agents say on calls. In fact, its quite the opposite. Most call centers large and small spend heavily on call recording and, in some cases even speech analysis to check what is being said on the call.

Theres just one problemthese same call centers can miss out on a lot of important information when they focus on speech analytics to the point of disregarding voice analytics, or how people say things.

Here are a few things that many companies miss out on when they disregard voice analysis:

1: Context

This is the big thing that most companies miss out on when their QA staff read a speech analysis printout: the context or attitudes behind how each phrase in a call was said.

Without context, it is very easy to misread the nature of a given conversation. For example, say that a phone agent stuck 100% perfectly to the script, never deviating or saying anything that was out of line. You would expect this phone agent to be a strong performer, but their actual success rate is well below average.

Clearly, theres an issue with the agents performance, but without context beyond the written word transcribed by your speech analytics system, your analysis of that agents performance will be incomplete.

2: Meaning

The meaning of specific words in a conversation can change significantly based on how theyre said.

Your QA staff could read call transcripts all day, but text doesnt reveal the tone of the conversation at all, or the emotional behavior of the speakers. Context helps to reveal the true meaning of a conversation, revealing the difference between a sarcastic yeah, right and a sincerely-meant agreement.

With voice analytics, its possible to identify the emotional behavior and tone of a conversation. This, in turn, allows you to create context for a conversation, easily identifying the moments when the tones shifted towards a negative call result, and even identify the reasons why.

In short, knowing how something is said in a conversation is a key part of understanding the outcome.

3: Opportunities for Rapid Phone Agent Performance Improvement

When you can automate the process of gathering data on the emotional tone and behavior of phone agents on calls with a predictive voice analytics solution, its possible to greatly increase the speed at which your QA staff can identify the need for agent training.

Typical quality review using random spot-checking requires weeks or months to identify a specific issue with a phone agent since they dont provide the required context and meaning behind what those phone agents are saying. With a predictive voice analytics program analyzing all of a phone agents calls, its possible to identify trends in phone agent performance in as little as a single day.

In the weeks it takes to establish performance trends and identify skills gaps among phone agents, the agents in need of improvement are continuing to cost your company in lost opportunities.

By reducing the time it takes to identify the need for specific training down to a single day, predictive voice analytics can help you get phone agent skills up to snuff sooner rather than later. This results in fewer lost opportunities and better overall phone agent quality.

Ignoring the emotion and behavior of your phone agents reduces the amount of data you have and reduces the effectiveness of your internal analyses. Empower your analytics to be more accurate and thorough by collecting data on how your phone agents and customers interact, and your call centers performance will be stronger for it.

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