3 Steps for Call Centers to Improve Their Customer Experience Strategy

Call centers often struggle to maintain positive customer relations. This is particularly true of call centers in the customer support industry, where customer retention is one of the most important KPIs to track.

Keeping customers happy and engaged requires a strong customer experience strategy that eliminates frustration factors as much as possible while giving customers access to the information and services they need.

How can your call center improve its customer experience strategy?

Here are a few simple steps that you may be able to use:

Step 1: Identify what differentiates Your Top Performers

When customers call a support center, chances are theyre already stressed about some aspect of the companys product or service. Every obstacle between the customer and a resolution to their issue simply adds to their frustration, making it more likely that the customer will end the business relationship. Ever notice that your top performers are almost always able to end their calls with the customer satisfied or at least no longer angry?

Reviewing customer support calls and identifying what your top agents do to positively engage and shift customers experience from poor to great is one of the most basic, but effective, steps for improving your customer experience strategy.

One way to identify those emotional shifts is to run an automated voice analysis of customer speech. Using a predictive voice analytics solution, you can collect data on the emotional voice and tone of your customers, readily identifying when customers transition from an irritated tone of voice to a neutral to potentially a positive tone of voice.

This information makes accurately identifying causes significantly easier  and provides a potential roadmap when evaluating training needs.

Step 2: Identify Which Phone Agents Need Retraining

The individual phone agents in your call center can have an enormous impact on your customer retention rates. A great phone agent can take an angry customer that is about to leave and use superior interpersonal skills to save the account. A bad phone agent can take a happy customer that only has a basic service question and frustrate them into leaving.

Being able to identify top phone agents from the underperformers is a key part of improving your customer experience strategy. This is another aspect of your strategy that predictive voice analytics can help you with.

Using automated analytics allows you to gather emotional behavior data on all of your call center agents across 100% of your customer interactions. This is immensely powerful for creating a comprehensive analysis of a phone agents performance.

Armed with this data, you can establish a reliable performance trend for any given phone agent in as little as a day, rather than the weeks or months needed for manual analysis alone. Speeding up the agent assessment process helps to ensure that agents lacking interpersonal skills are given the additional training they need sooner rather than later, improving overall customer experience for your call center.

Step 3: Use All the Analytics Tools at Your Disposal

A key part of identifying opportunities for improvement is having reliable data. For example, the first two steps mentioned above both require call centers to collect analytics data on emotional tone and behavior for customers and for call center phone agents.

So, a basic step in improving your call centers customer experience strategy is to acquire and then use analytics tools to gain the information you need. With the right analytics solution, you can collect information about customer reactions to your current customer experience strategies, and use that info to modify future strategies for greater effectiveness.

Without any analytics, any strategy for improving customer experience is just guesswork.

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