3 Call Center Coaching Tools to Help You Become a Coaching Expert

For nearly any call center, improving the skills of phone agents is a major key to success. When phone agents are well-coached in their roles and given the tools they need to succeed, theyll produce better results than they would without the right coaching and tools.

One way to ensure that your coaching efforts have the best effect is to use the right coaching tools to help you identify the needs of your phone agents, provide training and coaching sessions in a timely manner, and evaluate your results.

Here are a few call center coaching tools that can help you become a coaching expert to your team:

1: Clearly-Defined Goals

Before you start engaging in coaching sessions with your phone agents, you need to have clear goals that are measurable, specific, and achievable.

Without clear goals in mind before going into a coaching session, your communications with the phone agent are likely to be muddled. If your goals arent specific, measurable, and achievable, then phone agents may become frustrated with trying to meet your goals.

Having clear-cut goals is one of the most important and basic tools for becoming a better coach. Establishing clear goals helps you to better track and assess agent performance by making you focus on the key performance metrics needed to work towards those goals. In many ways, having clearly-defined goals can be the most important tool for improving your coaching efforts.

2: Performance Tracking and Analytics Software

One of the most basic needs of any coaching program is the ability to track agent performance to identify potential areas for improvement. This used to mean manually tracking each agents success rate on calls, average handle time, and total time spent on calls. However, some of these performance metrics arent always under a phone agents control.

Modern call center managers looking to be better coaches need tools that track metrics that are actually under a phone agents control.

For example, speech analytics software can be used to examine what a phone agent says on a call, which allows you to track metrics related to script adherence and regulatory compliance. More recent voice analytics systems take this a step further, identifying the tone of voice used by phone agents to provide deeper evaluations of the agents soft skills.

These are metrics that coaching can help to improve, making these analytics solutions far more useful for improving coaching efforts than simple call success rate spreadsheets.

3: Recordings of Notable Phone Agent Calls

Virtually every call center records their customer interactions for quality assurance purposes. However, not every call center effectively leverages this basic tool for maximum effectiveness.

To get the most out of your phone recordings, you need to be able to pick out the most notable moments from each phone agents customer interactions and work these moments into coaching sessions.

Manually reviewing phone agent calls for these key moments is inefficient and ineffective since each phone agent you have to coach makes thousands of calls each week and you only have so much time to review said calls.

Here, a voice analytics program can be a useful tool.

With voice analytics software reviewing all of your phone agent calls automatically, its possible to find the moment in each call where the tone of the conversation shifted, leading to a positive or negative result.

Using this system makes it easier to identify notable calls and moments that you can review with the phone agent to use in coaching sessionssaving you time while making you a more effective coach.

Become a better coach, and improve your call centers key performance metrics, with the right coaching tools.

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