Drive more revenue per call

Driving revenue while delivering exceptional customer service in a competitive market has never been more challenging. What if you could know who is most likely to buy?
RankMiner helps predict the true buyers saving you time and money.

Close more sales

RankMiner gives you the ability to close more sales and waste less time on unproductive prospects by applying our patented technology to all of your phone conversations. Your time is valuable so use it wisely.

Increase customer loyalty

By tuning into your customers and what they're feeling, you can determine which are most likely to leave and go to a competitor. Recognizing this possibility before it occurs allows for a proactive approach to deliver the value your customers expect.

Accelerate cash flow

Our patented technology helps identify customers who are receptive to a sale while also avoiding those who are not which allows companies to more effectively manage their resources.

Measuring & Improving Customer Profitability

Artificial intelligence for call centers

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"29.88% increase in gross collections"


"RankMiner’s agent insight models have increased our QA productivity by over 50%."


"19% increase in cross selling"

Telenor Mobil