Doing Business by Phone?

RankMiner predictive analytics will help
you make more money.

Our predictive model uses superior voice analytics to analyze emotional behavior and tones (not speech) that actually predicts whether people are likely to pay their bills or not pay their bills…buy your product or not buy your product… continue using your service or likely to leave.


Unlike speech technology’s diagnostic model that extracts key words to diagnose what customers are saying, RankMiner voice technology analyzes more than 176 voice feature vectors on each call to predict customer behavior, enabling our clients to make and receive more profitable calls.


Our clients fall into several categories including collection agencies, financial service firms and call centers.  And because our predictive models are so powerful, the results for these types of firms can be astounding.





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“The most important thing in communication
is hearing what
isn’t said.”

 – Peter Drucker


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